thec_of_nv (thec_of_nv) wrote in scigradschool,

DVM/PhD dual degree program?


I'm getting my BS in may and am hoping to apply in two-three years. I am a dog breeder and fancier, and this is my main reason for applying, really. My ideal career is research on the causes & mechanisms of various canine genetic diseases (special interests: mitral valve disease, retinal dysplasia, and syringomyelia). So, I'm looking for a dual DVM/PhD program. However, my adviser knows very little about them, and none of the vet's I've worked with know anyone who's done a dual degree. (Plus, the program just seems new in general.) So I'd love to talk to anyone out there who is in a dual degree program and get some advice. Any takers?
Thanks a TON.


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