girlblue_77 (girlblue_77) wrote in scigradschool,

running sds-page gel overnight -- current? temperature?

Just loaded two 4-15% gradient SDS-PAGE gels and I want to run them overnight so I'm not here until 3 AM.

For some reason I thought it was common to run gels overnight, and I was thinking I'd get great resolution and nice crisp bands if I did this. In looking online for what current to run at, I have gotten the impression that people don't commonly run gels overnight...?

I'm running at 7 mA right now, in the cold room. Constant current.

Is that okay? Will the SDS precipitate out in the cold room? Should I run it at room temp instead? Will the box heat up too much if I do?

I'm interested in proteins around 75-100 kDa. Don't think they are likely to run off, but anyone have any direct experience with this?

Thanks guys.

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