girlblue_77 (girlblue_77) wrote in scigradschool,

help! -80 freezer is alarming!

sooo... our -80 is alarming. for about an hour now. when i checked it, it was at -60.
i opened it, and my analysis was that the door wasn't sealed properly. i think someone had it open too long, and some of the ice on the inside of the door melted and water dripped in around the seal. then when the door was shut, it re-froze and that ice prevented the door from closing properly.

so, i chipped the ice out, and shut the door, and the seal was better. checked it about 20 minutes later, and the temp was the same. i opened it and chipped out some more ice. now it seems like it's sealed completely. but, the freezer is still at -60.

it's been about 20 minutes. how long do you think i should expect it to take before it starts dropping?

of course this happens while i'm the only one here...

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