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How much "out of field" papers do you read?

Greetings. I'm new to the community. I've been on _scientists_ and gradstudents but being as I'm specifically a biology grad student, I thought maybe I'd post this query I have on here so I can get a good response from people in a more targeted group, as opposed to liberal art grad students and the hordes of people on _scientists_ that aren't really scientists but like to pretend they are.

I'm curious to know how much reading y'all do outside of your field? I'm writing my thesis right now so naturally I read a lot of papers particular to my field (restoration ecology/ectomycorrhizae). I've been reading ecoevoblog lately and I see that multidisciplinary approaches to your science are really valued today. So I'm wondering how much effort other sci grads make to read papers that are a little outside of their field, for instance reading something having to do with cellular phys for me. Its a little daunting to try to read other field's literature because there are so many eccentricities about all the sub-sub disciplines that take some time to learn about and understand. I suppose New Scientist and secondary sources are good for this because they appeal to a broader audience and try to not barrage the reader with field specific terms.

Anyway before this gets tl/dr I'd like to hear some of y'alls thoughts on this.

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