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Master's of Neurocognitive Psychology

Hi all! My name is Jen. I'm an American Ex-pat living in Germany who just finished up her degree in Biology. I've worked with international students for the last 5 years. I'm currently trying to make a little noise surrounding our new Master's of Neurocognitive Psychology at the University of Oldenburg. It is a two year research based international graduate programme which offers systematic coverage of the major fields in psychology as well as an in-depth training in cognitive neuroscience.

Here is our shiney new poster:

The programme takes 2 years to complete and is offered through the Department of Psychology. Grad students can choose from a variety of applied and/or research modules. The department's research spans topics such as multisensory integration, brain oscillations and behaviour, cortical plasticity, computational neuroscience and pharmaco-neuroimaging, to name a few. Different state-of-the-art neuroscience tools and psychology labs are available to gain hands-on experience in magnetic resonace imaging, mageneoencephalography, high-density electroencephalography, eye tracking, transcranial magnetic and electrical stimulation and phychophysics. Clinical experience is provided in several of our applied modules in collaboration with local hospitals and rehab centres.

Because we run on a winter/summer semester schedule, applications are due much later than in the UK or the States (deadline July 15th for the winter term which begins October 1st). Tuition and fees per semester are 769.50 Euros. You do not need to speak German in order to study this course. It's taught completely in English. Most students and faculty outside of the program speak English as well. Both the psych department and the International Student Office have experience working with students from all over the world, so there are plenty of resources available to foreign students.

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DVM/PhD dual degree program?


I'm getting my BS in may and am hoping to apply in two-three years. I am a dog breeder and fancier, and this is my main reason for applying, really. My ideal career is research on the causes & mechanisms of various canine genetic diseases (special interests: mitral valve disease, retinal dysplasia, and syringomyelia). So, I'm looking for a dual DVM/PhD program. However, my adviser knows very little about them, and none of the vet's I've worked with know anyone who's done a dual degree. (Plus, the program just seems new in general.) So I'd love to talk to anyone out there who is in a dual degree program and get some advice. Any takers?
Thanks a TON.

Me & Grant

Dual DVM/PhD program?

Most of the vet communities are very quiet; hope its ok posting this here.

I'm hoping to apply to a dual DVM/PhD program, but I have some questions for someone who is currently in such a program or has recently graduated - please send me a private message. Thanks.



I'm looking all over the place for some guidance theese days. Here's my situation. I'm enrolled in a six year professional degree at Rice University, in architecture. I'm already in my fifth year, which means I've already graduated once with a BA in Archictecture, and I'm away on a one year internship thing (still part of enrollment) and in 2011 I'll graduate with a professional degree BArch.

However, I've been haivng second thoughts about this for a while, and it's jsut been excalating for the past two years up until now when I'm finally in the professional world and starting to realize that I can't stand architecture.. as a profession, as a study.. anything. It's just going to make me sad and poor for the rest of my life. I think I only stuck with it because I actually had some talent for it (made good grades, got good reviews, won prizes), and I couldn't bear to leave all my good friends I had made.

So, I've been considering to going the grad school for something else. I'm not exactly sure what yet, but if you had to force me to pick a field, I'd say something in neuroscience. I took psychology and neurolinguistics in college and I've started trying to familiarize myself with the field mroe by reading medical journals and magazines.. (I find it infinitely more interesting to read through something like scientific american mind, than I do any architecture magazine). The problem is, I definitely don't have any of the even most basic requirements to apply for grad science programs... I don't have a foundation at all (the most i ever took was calc 101 and phys 101 as far as science and math goes). The rest of my curriculum has been set in art and architectural theory and liberal arts type things..

Is it too late for me to switch? What should I do if I want to switch? Have any of you, or do you know anyone who's gone through a similar switch before? I definitely need to take as many of those prereq courses as possible, either during my last year at Rice or night classes/sumemr classses/post bach. But who would accept me as a grad candidate when there are people like you who have been working towards the right direction for four+ years already?

And I'm trying really hard to get fixated on this and not to be one of those people who wants to quit and start over once things are not going completely perfect. But I still want to realistically think about my options, and get started on the right track before it's too late. I know I'm probably asking for a lot more work, but last time I checked (before all the arsty fartsy classes took over) I think I was a pretty smart person and I work very hard towards my goals.

So, give me your advace. thanks!

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running sds-page gel overnight -- current? temperature?

Just loaded two 4-15% gradient SDS-PAGE gels and I want to run them overnight so I'm not here until 3 AM.

For some reason I thought it was common to run gels overnight, and I was thinking I'd get great resolution and nice crisp bands if I did this. In looking online for what current to run at, I have gotten the impression that people don't commonly run gels overnight...?

I'm running at 7 mA right now, in the cold room. Constant current.

Is that okay? Will the SDS precipitate out in the cold room? Should I run it at room temp instead? Will the box heat up too much if I do?

I'm interested in proteins around 75-100 kDa. Don't think they are likely to run off, but anyone have any direct experience with this?

Thanks guys.

help! -80 freezer is alarming!

sooo... our -80 is alarming. for about an hour now. when i checked it, it was at -60.
i opened it, and my analysis was that the door wasn't sealed properly. i think someone had it open too long, and some of the ice on the inside of the door melted and water dripped in around the seal. then when the door was shut, it re-froze and that ice prevented the door from closing properly.

so, i chipped the ice out, and shut the door, and the seal was better. checked it about 20 minutes later, and the temp was the same. i opened it and chipped out some more ice. now it seems like it's sealed completely. but, the freezer is still at -60.

it's been about 20 minutes. how long do you think i should expect it to take before it starts dropping?

of course this happens while i'm the only one here...

Immunoprecipitation over weekend?

I just started doing IPs. I want to start one today, but my protocol says to incubate overnight with primary antibody, and I will not be able to come in this weekend. I would guess, like most biology protocols, if you can leave something overnight, you can just as well leave it over the weekend.

Just wanted to double check with you guys though...don't want to screw this up! Anybody know if this is okay?